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VU Reviews streamlines the feedback channel for VU. Customers can submit feedback and see what other customers are saying. The message doesn’t go to a black box, but to a client experience advocate, who will reach out to each and every customer.

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The old site wasn’t mobile friendly, and nearly half of all users were using mobile devices to access it.

I redesigned the structure of the website so that users could more easily find what they were looking for, either reviews, or a form to submit feedback.

feedback form

I redesigned the feedback form to have more prominence on the page, rather than opening in a small modal window. This eliminates a layer for the user and allows us to build a simpler, more personal experience.

Submitting the form gently pushes it out of the way and presents the user with a sincere thank you message. The page doesn’t reload and the user gets a confirmation that their message will be heard.

feedback form

The design of the reviews themselves was made consistent with the reviews section on VU’s corporate website. Users who find both websites will maintain a constant brand experience. The database programmers appreciated this as well, because writing a service to deliver the content to both websites was a piece of cake.

* The backend of this website is currently still under construction.

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